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Preschool Parade

Location: 8880 Williams Road, Richmond, BC, V7A 1G6
(in South Arm Community Centre)

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Preschool Parade Program Options:


T/Th 3 yrs 9:00-11:30am $126/month
M/W/F 3/4 yrs 12:15-2:45pm $178/month
M/W/F 4 yrs 9:00-11:30am $178/month


Reminder: You are able to sign up your child for more than one preschool program. Max 5 sessions per week/1 preschool session per day

Licensed to serve 20 children aged 3-5 years old, this program has been operating since 1995.

Our philosophy is based on the extensive learning experiences and opportunities children can have through play in an early childhood setting. Our goals are as follows:

  1. To provide opportunities for play experiences that contribute to developmental needs.
  2. To extend these play experiences to learning experiences through each child’s individual needs, interests and abilities.
  3. To encourage self-expression by providing opportunities to develop the “art” of communication and listening skills in each child.
  4. To encourage “extended thinking” in all creative experiences.
  5. Guiding and assisting each child in self-direction so that they may achieve satisfying and acceptable behavior at each level of development.
  6. To promote skills that foster and build trust, honesty and a sense of belonging in a positive environment.
  7. To generate active socializing skills between the children themselves and the adults by providing group interaction and experiences.
  8. To promote active listening.
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