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  • About

    Out of School Care

    South Arm Community Association Licensed School Age Child Care Programs are committed to providing safe, affordable, high quality childcare programs, which enhance the social, emotional, cognitive and physical well being of children. These programs aim to foster healthy communities by providing quality care for children, building parent capacity and networks, and developing leadership abilities in staff and children.


    • Support inclusion of all children
    • Reflect the diversity of the community within programs
    • Create opportunities for family participation
    • Encourage a sense of community among children, families and South Arm
    • Provide professional, high quality care through a positive environment, curriculum and staff

    Program Information:
    Fees for the 2017-2018 school year:


    All Grades (morning+after) $418/month
    All Grades (after only) $370/month
    All Grades (morning only) $184.75/month


    **  All programs except for Morning Care only include Early Dismissals, Professional Days, Winter Break, and Spring Break ** 



    Schools Serviced:  Morning and Afternoon Care for James Whiteside, Howard Debeck, William Bridge, and Walter Lee


    Hours:  Open at 7:00am, close at 6:00pm (closed for all Stat Holidays)


    What Kind of Activities are there:  South Arm OSC provides a large variety of activities that children can choose to do on a daily basis.  Specific program and snack calendars are given out at the beginning of each month so kids and families know what to expect.  Some of the activities include:

    • Stop animation
    • Monthly Out Trips
    • Film
    • Intramurals
    • Arts and Crafts
    • Sports
    • Science Experiments
    • Games
    • Drama
    • Gardening
    • Cooking and Baking
    • Leadership
    • Homework/Tutoring – Gr. 3-7 only


    Licensed to serve 58 children 5-8 years old in our Junior OSC program 

    Junior OSC Location: 9020 Williams Road, Richmond, BC, V7A 1G6 in South Arm Community Hall.

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    Licensed to serve 65 children 8-12 years old in our Middle/Senior OSC program.

    Middle/Senior OSC Location: 8880 Williams Road, Richmond, BC, V7A 1G6 in South Arm Community Centre.

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  • FAQ's

    OSC Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What schools do you service?
    A: Debeck, Bridge, Whiteside, Walter Lee

    Q: What are your hours of operation?
    A: Monday – Friday 7am-6pm. We are closed all Stat holidays including boxing day and up to 2 days during the school year for professional development.

    Q: I have been confirmed a spot for the upcoming school-year. What information do I need before September?
    A: We will have an open orientation session on Wednesday, August 23rd at 6:15pm – 7:00pm at South Arm Community Hall, located at 9020 Williams Road. This is where the Junior program runs. We will give an overview of the programs and answer any questions. Feel free to bring your child along. If you cannot make this date, we will be sending out information via email before the first day of school, or you can make an appointment with the Coordinator prior to August 18th to arrange a visit to the program.

    Q: What are your fees?
    A: There will be a non refundable $40 registration fee at the time of registration. For the 2017-2018 school-year, fees are as follows;


    All Grades (morning+after) $418/month
    All Grades (after only) $370/month
    All Grades (morning only) $184.75/month


    **  All programs except Morning Care only include Professional Days, Winter Break, and Two Weeks of Spring Break **  

    **  Extra fees will be charged for Kinder gradual entry programs if needed: $25.00/day **

    **  Program closures – Sept 4 (Labour Day), Oct 9 (Thanksgiving), Nov 11 (Remembrance Day), Dec 25 (Christmas)  Dec 26 (Boxing Day), Jan 1 (New Years),  Feb 12 (Family Day), March 30 (Good Friday), April 2 (Easter Monday), May 21 (Victoria Day), June 29 (Summer Transition).  We can also close 2 days for Professional Development, one of which is usually the first Friday in May.   The last day of OSC programs for the 2017-2018 school-year is Thursday, June 28, 2018 **


    Q:  What kind of activities are there?

    South Arm OSC provides a large variety of activities that children can choose to do on a daily basis.  Specific program and snack calendars are given out at the beginning of each month so kids and families know what to expect.  Some of the activities include: stop motion animation, monthly out trips, film, intramurals, arts & crafts, sports, science experiements, games, drama, gardening, cooking and baking, leadership, and homework/tutoring (Gr. 3-7 only).


    Q:  When are the fees due?

    A:   fees will be paid for the operating year September 1st to June 29th, by way of 10 postdated cheques or pre-authorized Visa, Mastercard or AMEX for  $418 (Morning and Aftercare), $370 (Aftercare only), or $184.75 (Morning Care only).  Payments will be taken 1 month in advance therefore cheques must be dated August 1st – May 1st written to The City of Richmond.


    Q:  What do I do if I am applying for Subsidy?

    A:  Families who are eligible for child care subsidy through the Ministry of Children, Family and Development, are responsible for applying for the subsidy and keeping the forms current.  Should my subsidy expire, parents will have 15 days to confirm re-authorization or provide an alternate payment method.  Please contact the Director of Childcare to fill out the Child Care Arrangement section of your subsidy application.


    Q:  What do I need to do if my child has special needs or requires extra support?

    A:  Set up a meeting with the Child Care Coordinator to discuss the needs your child has.  Contact The Richmond Supported Child Development Program and they will guide you through the process for getting a support worker:  604-279-7010


    Q:  What is your withdrawal policy?

    A:  The Parent will give one month’s written notice of withdrawal on or before the 1st of the month or pay one month’s fees.  No refunds for September will be given after August 1, 2017 and that no refunds will be processed after April 1, 2018, therefore in order to withdraw from the program in May or June, notice must be given before April 1, 2018.


    Q:  What do I do if my child has allergies?

    A:  Please inform the coordinator and fill out the appropriate section in the registration package.  Our programs are a Nut Free zone.  


    Q:  How are the children transported to and from school?

    A:  We have two 24-passenger buses that transport our Debeck and Walter Lee groups.  Those within walking distance (Bridge, Whiteside) are walked with staff.  


    Q:  What is the Staff to Children Ratio?

    A:  Depending on the age/grade of the children, in the Kinder/Junior Program it is a minimum 1:12 ratio, in the Middle Senior program it is a minimum 1:15 ratio.  


    Q:  Are snacks provided in the program?

    A:  Yes there is an afternoon snack provided each day.  We send out a snack calendar every month so you know what to expect.  We include a fruit or vegetable with every snack.  We also provide breakfast foods in the morning for those in morning care.  Please send a lunch with your child and ensure all food sent does not contain any nuts or nut products.


    Q:  Registration for the program is full and I am unable to secure a spot at this time. What are my other options?

     A:  Contact the Richmond Child Care Resource and Referral Centre for alternative child care options in the neighborhood. You can access their website at the following link;



  • Testimonials


    "Kevin and his team of leaders are considered extended family members.  They have always been available, engaged and encouraging.  They have been our partners in helping to shape our children.  Their attention to each child’s needs and their willingness to go above and beyond to sustain a program that is safe, inviting and supportive is greatly appreciated." - LF


    “South Arm OSC is a thing of beauty. Wonderful staff keeps tabs on incredibly busy, active children with a calmness, which has no rival. I admire the service delivery because children are at the center of the discussion. I look forward to peace of mind because I know my children are surrounded by individuals modeling healthy behaviors.” - LR

    "Our boys just love the OSC program at South Arm Community Center.  The team keeps the kids occupied all the time.  Most days they don't want to come home!" – BK

    "After many struggles finding the perfect daycare program South Arm has been the answer to our prayers. The staff is not only well trained but you can tell they love what they do. I’ve never seen my child happier.” - ME

    “I work in the Early Childhood Education field and I am very impressed by the level of care and commitment that the staff here at the South Arm OSC program have for the children and families that they work with.  My son has a severe food allergy and I never worry about him while he is at South Arm because the staff are so diligent about his safety.” - KU

    “We love the variety of the programming at South Arm - everything from floor hockey to cooking lessons to learning about dinosaurs. Our children have loved coming to South Arm and I love that the programming is educational as well as fun.” - LM

    "Our now 6 year old son has Juvenile Diabetes. South Arm staff give us the peace of mind we need to be able to go to work knowing that our son is being well cared for. From day one, South Arm staff took the training and the day-to-day management of his disease seriously. They communicate with us regularly and help to manage his blood glucose. We are so grateful that he can participate in the fantastic programs and field trips South Arm provides. We know how much our son loves South Arm because he's always disappointed when he has to leave." - SM

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    Program Calendars



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